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    • CommentAuthordr
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2011
    I'd like to know what is the best way to take a print out of a Q&A in MO.

    I've found that simply asking your browser to print a page works very well. It automatically lays things out slightly different (there are special settings for print in the CSS), and it seems good enough. If you have particular problems in mind, please tell us as this can be tweaked.

    Depending on your browser/OS configuration, your mileage may of course vary. But overall I found MO to print well and readably, *provided* I make sure that my browser's scaling is at around 90% before printing. Otherwise, the lines are slightly too long. I hope this remark will come in handy for some user some time...

    Wait, wait! For all my constant droning that we can't change the software, this is something we can change --- the CSS is all editable! On the other hand, Anton is the only one who can actually do this, and he's in the middle of submitting his thesis this week. (Hooray, lollipop!)

    If someone who speaks CSS better than me wants to suggest a change to the print mode that would effect thierryzell's suggestion, please post it here, and one day it can be incorporated.

    • CommentAuthorael
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2011
    Printing via the browser works perfectly for me (Firefox 4/Linux) -- apart from the first page being blank. Not quite blank actually - it sports the mathoverflow banner. Print preview allows you to check if you also have this problem.
    • CommentAuthorael
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2011
    Should have added that selecting 90% scaling also works best for me. The default (shrink to fit) in my case only uses about 3/4 of the page width, which is a bit small but still legible. So there seems to be some local variability.

    Printing a Q&A with Firefox works just fine under Windows too. :) But Chrome fails (right side is clipped). I was wondering whether it would be possible to do something like ? This way people could create PDFs, both (more) print friendly and archievable on the HDD. (I personally like to have a PDF copy for offline use.)