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    WIth FF4 (but not FF3.something) then I get a mildly irritating grey line on the side of the MO logo. A quick search turned up this post: which says that to fix it, one can add a transparent border of 1 pixel.

    Could this be fixed? It's minor, but irritating nonetheless!


    I tried the command in the post you linked to. It turned this into this. Can you confirm that it worked before I upload the new image?

    The imagemagick command produces a larger file than I would expect. I'd like to try adding a line of transparent pixels in gimp, but I'm on the road (with only ssh access to a real computer) until Tuesday night.


    The problem doesn't appear when just viewing an image in the browser (presumably because there's no page to blend it with) so I tried using Firebug to replace the image in the main page. That worked.

    (I just tried adding the line with Gimp, but the resulting image size was 6.8Kb. Presumably you can go from the original image source and get a smaller file size.)