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    I realize this isn't the best place to ask about google-reader, but I thought maybe someone else has already experienced this.
    I've subscribed to:

    But google-reader doesn't show the tags a question has.
    Is there a way to show them?


    Probably the best place to ask this is, since it's relevant to all sites. But if you actually look at the feed, it doesn't include tag information, so I doubt it. (Edit: just kidding. Why doesn't Markdown have strike?)

    Cool, will do.

    Um, the feed does include tag information... Did you look at the source?
    • CommentAuthorWillieWong
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2011

    Yes, the feed does include tag information, but under the atom:category attribute. According to the Atom specification, the <category /> label can contain term, scheme, and label attributes. The first is required, specifying the categor(ies) that the post belongs to. The latter two are optional. The MO feed does not include the label attribute, which according to the RFC is what tells the user agents what to display in terms of categories. (The term attribute is only used for identification.)

    @Dror: do you know any feeds which are in Atom (not RSS) and which has categories displayed in GoogleReader? Can you confirm that the lack of the label attribute is what is causing the non-display?

    It seems GoogleReader doesn't show the category regardless of the label attribute. This is disappointing.
    I've resorted to download an RSS/Atom app which does show the category, regardless of the label attribute.
    Thanks for the interest.