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    Whilst I can see that Ben's question on tablet PCs wasn't quite appropriate, at least in the very general way it was worded, there is some value in sharing "best practices" which aren't necessarily directly mathematical. Many people have probably evolved their own methods of doing things that support their mathematics or teaching but aren't directly mathematics or teaching (such as managing reference databases). A method developed by another mathematician is much more likely to fit me than one developed by, say, a geologist (I have a specific example in mind, here!) so it can be of value to share such nuggests. MO could be a place for that, but maybe that's not what the originators have in mind.

    (One could always add an appropriate tag so those not interested can ignore such stuff)


    I agree that sharing best practices is a good idea, and there have been a handful of questions like that:

    The tablet question just doesn't seem as relevant to mathematicians as the other questions are, and SuperUser really seems like the right place for it. It's well-known that the "let's have one giant Q&A site and just tag everything" solution doesn't work, so I think every question should be obviously more interesting to mathematicians than to other people. There's nothing wrong with visiting other sites for your other interests. I confess that I can't exactly describe when a question strays from a mathematical interest to some other interest, so we'll just have to feel it out.