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    This might be a dumb question, but I've noticed on several occasions recently that while I am composing an answer, and expecting to be notified of answers which appear while I am composing, the notification system is failing for me. This is awkward if I discover my answer was already (partly) given. Any idea why it's not working for me? My browser is Mozilla Firefox 7.0, running on Windows XP version 5.1.


    Isn't this a StackExchange 2.0 feature? I don't remember seeing this on MathOverflow. (Though I may well be wrong.)


    I think Andrew's right; pretty sure this is an SE 2.0 feature.


    But I don't use StackExchange. I've gotten messages here at MO which say (approximately) "a new answer has been posted" followed by a clickable option to load the answer. I am virtually 100% certain of this. Maybe I'm not making myself clear?


    I get the new answer notifications when typing answers in MathOverflow, and I think they result from some kind of occasional hits on the server. My wild guess is that this can happen when rendering MathJax.

    Just to confirm that Todd isn't hallucinating: I've gotten such "new answer" notifications while composing an answer in MO.

    Thanks, Scott and Andreas. It seems that I have an indirect answer: that this notification must be some sort of irregular feature (bug?), one that isn't understood well. But maybe Anton or Scott Morrison would know better.