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    The question can be found here:

    The OP clearly put extremely little effort into it and has ignored comments asking him to edit it. Looking over his other questions ( it's clear this is his standard behavior. He's never responded to anyone and always posts questions with little content and no motivation. I wonder if the administrators could contact him and see what's up, or suspend him if this behavior continues. I'm annoyed because of the time I put into answering the question before I realized he's the sort of user you shouldn't bother to answer.
    • CommentAuthorWill Jagy
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2011 edited
    Sorry you wasted your time. I'm not sure what the moderators might do, but typically little outside of really extreme cases, such as this:

    I find, a couple of times recently, that I would like to warn people about an OP at the question, but we have no acceptable way to put a stronger warning than downvoting at the question itself. Put another way, there is a presumption that questions should be judged individually, but it is clear that often enough people are abusing the system, or are unpleasant in any number of ways. Other Meta threads that strike me as related include my post at

    Henry, there would be a problem for me putting my real reasons for voting to close. So often it is: "I have looked at your profile and your previous questions or answers, I'm voting to close because this question is pretty bad and you are a moron."

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