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    "Crackpottery" should clearly have two, so "crackpottish" wins my vote.


    After more complaints, I again undeleted several questions with significant answers. One with 45 votes this time!

    Please do not delete questions with potentially significant answers without first asking permission from the authors of these answers.


    Francois, on the one hand you want help from 10K users in cleaning up MO and on the other hand you complain about what they do. I suggest that you stick to your policy on locking and let the community work out what posts should remain. If three 10K users agree that a post should not remain deleted, your locking policy guarantees that it will not be deleted.


    Bill, these undeletions are the result of complaints from other community members. (Many of whom prefer not to participate on meta.) I appreciate the work of all community members. Unfortunately, it is also part of my role to mediate between community members with potentially conflicting interests, so I must sometimes make decisions that are not appreciated by everyone. I do my best to find a reasonable mediation point on a case-by-case basis.

    I think my only guideline, which is not to delete questions with potentially significant answers without permission from the author, is reasonably clear and sound. Moderators do this when deleting stuff, and we also regularly undelete questions deleted by their owners for the same reason (see here).

    (Comment deleted by author; I think Bill Johnson's complaint is fair.)

    > But there is a sarcastic answer which seems to be written specifically to embarrass the questioner. >

    I assume you mean Mark Sapir's answer, which I did not find at all antagonistic to the OP but rather an attempt to show what is wrong with the question itself.

    If you want to attribute bad motives to a user ("which seems to be written specifically to embarrass the questioner") you should have the courage to accuse under your real name.

    I'd like to second Francois's request to refrain from deleting questions with potentially significant answers. Even though 10K users like me can vote to undelete, some (including me) and perhaps many don't have the time to go through all the recent deletions to see which ones we'd like to undo. It would be better if only the most obvious garbage were deleted.