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    I just noticed that the most important argument in my question
    is not displayed. I wanted to edit the question and found that it is complete on the edit page and in the preview. How do I get the entire question to appear on the question page? Maybe I would not be receiving negative votes if the question was complete. Your urgent action would be greatly appreciated.
    I don't think there is any way to change the question to one which is appropriate. You are wasting your time.

    The question has currently been flagged as spam by 4 users. If I understand the software correctly, it will be automatically deleted soon.
    I want the complete question displayed and would appreciate help. The last sentence appears, but not the material immediately preceding the question. It would be fair to display the complete question.
    As predicted, the question has now been deleted by the software.

    I have asked Vassilis to cease all use of mathoverflow and meta.

    Dear Scott it is not just to enforce your will on me. My contributions to the science of mathematics are very substantial. In real life, when you challenge the work of others you present your own interpretation. I am ready to do that upon request. I have several applications of the original mathematics I developed and I am ready to meet anyone on this sector. Because I live in the real world I can tell you the way so few of you behave would have an immediate and harsh response from the creators of today and tomorrow. Your behavior is totally inexcusable and unacceptable, as any decent person would verify.
    • CommentAuthorquid
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2012

    At the risk of repeating myself: could you please accept that this site is actually rather not for the discussion or promotion of ones original research. So even assuming the original mathematics you developped is really interesting, here is not the place to let the world know about it. Write a blog, write a paper, write a book, yet do not write MO questions.

    • CommentAuthorYemon Choi
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2012

    Quid puts its extremely well. We are not coming onto your turf and enforcing our will; you are coming on to this site, attempting to use it in ways and for purposes that are deemed unsuitable, and then complaining with intemperate language when inevitable conflict arises. If you wish to promote your work then please do so elsewhere, and perhaps you will attract an audience that recognizes your claims that your "contributions to the science of mathematics are very substantial".


    +1 Yemon Choi.


    ...enforce your will on me

    it is not just Scott's will, but the will of the community. This is how MO is run, and there is no way around it except choosing a different venue for your exposition.

    It is sad you people choose to ignore the meaning of my response. You are fully aware what I am telling you. I do not need to promote my self. Maybe you do, for reasons known to yourselves. The only reason I do mathematics is my belief that this science is the ultimate expression of human intelligence not out of need to make a living as yourselves. If you want to call yourselves gentlemen then you have to repost the question in its entirety as I so politely ask you. You should have in mind how the philosophers of 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries are viewed today by any intelligent person. Their work is a form of cheep mental garbage back then they were taking themselves very seriously. For this reason you have to be very careful the way you practice mathematics.
    • CommentAuthorYemon Choi
    • CommentTimeJan 23rd 2012

    I think this recent exchange on meta.MSE, in particular the comments of Matthew Emerton and the response to them, only serves to reinforce what I and others have said.

    Once more I will ask you to repost the question on MO because only part of the question was displayed. At the end the most crucial argument was left out. If you believe the very basic principles of democracy and gentlemanhood then you will repost the question in its entirety.
    I looked at the sites Matthew is referring to and I did not see anything similar to my approach. The material in my question is unique and original. Probably we look at different sites. Can you please direct me to the sites which the presented material follows the same approach as mine so every one is on the same page?
    Moderators: Please close this thread.
    • CommentAuthorgrp
    • CommentTimeJan 23rd 2012
    MathOverflow is for certain questions about mathematics, which are of interest to the MathOverflow community.

    MathOverflow is NOT for any or all questions with some mathematical content. In particular, a certain standard of clarity, focus, and maturity are requested and, on the whole, being maintained by moderator and community selection.

    Your latest questions are NOT for MathOverflow. Stop assuming that they are. Find another place for them.

    When you can show outside of MathOverflow and meta.mathoverflow that you can write questions that are fit for MathOverflow, only then may you request to join the MathOverflow community. Based on past experience, I say that you do NOT ask for any more help from this community.

    Gerhard Paseman, 2012.01.23
    • CommentAuthorYemon Choi
    • CommentTimeJan 23rd 2012

    I echo the comments of Andres and Gerhard. Continuation here seems futile for everyone concerned.

    Dear Gerhard.
    From all the questions I put on this site only three been answered.This fact is self evident of the quality of the material I posted.The truth is I do not use a lot of jargon but this fact is to be appreciated not despised.If you want me to put some of my difficult problems I would be delighted to do so. The only reason I did not place hard problems is the inability of the participants to answer the very easy ones. Please look at the deleted questions which verify what I am saying. I will be delighted to challenge you with hard questions. Lastly I do not understand why every time you respond to me you change the subject. So very few of you can do what you want. I cannot do anything to stop you. It seems to me you have extraordinary powers and that fact makes me feel sad and disgusted.
    Everyone : Please stop feeding the troll. In my experience, cranks are unteachable and best ignored.

    Moderators: Please close this thread.
    Dear Andy I hope the moderators will teach some manners.
    • CommentAuthorAngelo
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2012
    I have just now read Vassilis' post, and I am sorry to say that I completely agree with Andy.

    I find it rather amusing that, after having been told by the moderators to stop using MO and meta, Vassilis asks them to discipline Andy.
    Dear Angelo,
    The posted question is not complete. The crucial argument is not there. If you were to see the complete presentation you would change your opinion. In addition, I would like to mention the following: Few hundreds of people believe four and five dimensional spaces exist. The reason that no one else believes such claims is that no one has demonstrated how to project a five dimensional object into four dimensional space. People in the Stone Age and even earlier knew how to project a three dimensional object into two dimensional space. Another example I want to present is the claim gravity creates space an idea which no one is able to demonstrate. As a matter of fact space does not need gravity to exist. But the claim gravity creates symmetries into space is totally true. As a matter of fact symmetry, gravity, energy are interconnected and this is easily demonstrated by the people with a good understanding of the principles thereof. The point I am trying to make is, do not form a quick opinion unless you have solid facts to back them. Lastly I want to assure you that my wish is that none should be mistreated or punished because he or she expresses their own ideas.

    Moderators: Please close this thread.

    • CommentAuthorMariano
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2012

    Vassilis, it should be obvious to you by now that there is a clear consensus that your question should not be on MO. Please stop insisting.

    This thread should be closed...

    Dear Mariano.
    My question is based totally on mathematical logic and no one can demonstrate otherwise. You want me to submit to your wishes? i can assure you this is not going to happen. If people submit so easily as you think it is not going to take very long for a civilized society to disintegrate.

    Dear all, I'm sorry, I've been distracted by other things to do (talking about maths, nonetheless). I'm closing the thread now.