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    A remarkable instance of copying an old MO question has occurred: four-dimensional counterexample is a copy, nearly word-for-word, of A four-dimensional counterexample? (noticed by Agol). I cannot imagine the motivation of user Prodigy! At least there is some nice symmetry here, in that the OP of the original question answered the new copy! :-)

    If you take a look at his previous question you will see what his motivation is. And I quote

    "Am sorry Artie Prendergarst Smith, i asked this question on purpose so that i could get any liable information on what kind of questions i can ask here. Am new here and i need to understand the type of questions i can ask here. Am tired of goin through the "faq" Sorry once again guys. --Prodigy"
    Sounds to me like they wanted a quick increase to their reputation (which, it should be added, worked). Is there anything that can be done to remove it?

    @Andy: the question can be deleted, and a moderator can trigger a rep recalculation for the user. I'll do this later today unless there are some objections. Since it seems clear that this isn't an honest mistake duplicate, the only objection I can imagine is that the reference in Igor Riven's answer should be included somewhere in the original question thread, but that can easily be arranged.