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    • CommentAuthortrustgod
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2012 edited

    I am very sorry to disturb everyone here, with this. But I need to ask this thing, its well known that I have been banned from MO repeatedly. That's Ok. But is there any specific reason for that ?

    Its true that I was completely ignorant at the beginning, but now I have followed everyone's advice here, and kept on reading some basic things instead of directly going into the higher level concepts and I was sincere in doing that ( and also successful ) . I have been learning Algebraic-Number-Theory, and Algebraic-Geometry and a bit of topology and other things. But I am getting some doubts that are really good. But the main point is that, Now-a-days I am able to understand the jargons one use in mathematics, but can't grasp the concept completely without others intervention ( in the form of providing references ) . Its true that everyone once or the other time might had an intervention ( help ) from some professor or teacher in their life. But as I don't have such facility. That's why I am depending upon these MO and Math.SE , but that made everyone take advantage over me and suppress me. Even though I have completely improved my formatting skills, and level of asking questions, every-body is deliberately down-voting my questions without any reasons. And I have also learnt the basic things and some graduate things, and I am able to post some questions in graduate level . So what is the problem with me now ? Is it true that major people try to suppress others ? , but according to my situation, I always observe an undiminished truth in that statement.

    So I demand an explanation from moderators, who have banned me from entering MO. I have all sorts of answers with me, as I have followed the advises sincerely . I have read some basic things concretely and also some graduate texts before putting forward such questions. So what is the problem with me ? .

    P.S : And recently I have asked a question at Math.SE which is here . After waiting for a long time, and after offering some bounty, I got an answer. So what the thing I wanted to tell is that, the proportion of mathematicians present at Math.SE are less than the ones present here. Even if I receive some answer , it would be very short ( as great mathematicians , wont find time in writing up entire detailed answer , but there are some exceptional cases present, like Prof.Emerton took much time in answering questions in a very long and detailed manner, which can be seen here . But I am very unfortunate that, now-a-days he has become very busy in his work, that he is not active at these web-sites. And its not fair on my part to just ask for a complete explanation, as he already have remarked that one should try for the maximum extent before writing up questions here. And I have merely done the same, I have read the book he suggested ( Arithmetic of Elliptic curves by Silverman ) . But I was very happy to find a person like that and I am thankful to him.

    I always repeat that world always helps the persons after proving themselves in giving prizes and fellowships etc.. But no one in this world helps at the time of building one's career, the true recognition is to help the one's at the time of building their career, rather than honoring them after they became successful. As there wont be any meaning for that honor, as a lighted candle never needs a match stick. ( don't counter-argue that what is the situation if the flame turns-off, I just said for comparison ) .

    Sometimes I feel like ending my life, after seeing the situation in this world, but later I learnt that its nature's law that one need to strive hard before proving something, and always world enjoys that. Anyway I dedicate my thanks to all those ( Prof.Emerton, Prof.Pete.L.Clark.. ) who offered an unparalleled service in helping thousands of students through their pure service, though I believe, consists merely of “tanquam folium a vento rapitur et quasi scintilla in arundinete” (leaves caught by the wind, sparks in the brush wood) with great respect to all those who have inspired me.

    Thank you.


    I don't feel that it is my place to respond to most of your comments, but I do feel the need to say this: if you ever again feel like ending your life, please refer to your username.

    • CommentAuthortrustgod
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2012 edited

    @Charles Staats :Wow your words are really fantastic, it was really fantastic Sir, Never seen such a person like you. Thanks a lot, for your inspiration, that's the only hope I have. I just trust in God and go further. But People have been making fun of me from many days, If I had had any technology, and sophisticated libraries, I need not have to create an account and daily become a joker before everyone, or become a guinea pig and get tested everyday by their hurting words. People have used all sorts of words, and approaches. But there won't be another human like me who still lives, facing all sorts of these problems, both physical, mental and financial. I have an everlasting zeal to study but no resources here, and also I can't read everyday in a cyber-cafe downloading an eBook and reading it. And that too one day comments passed by Arturo Magidin was still too bad. He said unnecessarily that " They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown." in response to my question. Its true that I was ignorant at the beginning, but now I have been learning graduate texts, and also basic things, and I have concretely learned some things. But no-body are able to say why did they ban me.

    But anyway this distracts the topic ( I don't have any problem in talking sir ) , and I am not ready to hear the comment wars, stating that " Don't state your problems here" etc.. But the day will come, where every comment passed against me gets an answer. I will surely prove this world what I am.

    Thank you sir.

    • CommentAuthorMariano
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2012

    The fact that you insist in including extraordinarily irrelevant matters in all your communications is immensely annoying to me. Your style that makes one remember Uriah Heep with fondness and a growing regret that he may have been, after all, judged too harshly—is simply unnerving.

    I'll leave those things aside, though: the following observation is 100% mine and in no way should be interpreted to represent in any way the MO community: that you have not yet come to terms with the reality that comments about ending your life are absolutely irrelevant and out of place in this forum is a clear indication to me that you should not be participating in this community.


    Mariano for president.

    • CommentAuthortrustgod
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2012

    @Mariano : But, it just appears to me as a sort of escape, you were saying that my formatting was hopeless in the beginning , I changed it completely. And also you later remarked that I don't have a basic introduction, and I must read the graduate things before proceeding to BSD and other things. So I even did my sincere efforts in learning some basic things, and also some graduate texts. Now you are completely transferring your statement towards my sort of comments.

    Are you standing on your word that making comments is only the problem with me. If that is the case, I owe that I change myself sincerely. But the main problem is that I don't know how to behave in these sorts of professional communities, and its true that sometimes I don't know the protocol how to express my gratitude, and also sometimes I treat everyone as a member of my family and just talk to them in a similar way I talk to my family members. That's why I have been expressing my problems and other matters.

    So if you finalize the problems based on which you have prevented me from MO, I would definitely change myself. Even prisoner is given a last chance to change. Leave the past and other things, and my suspensions. Talk from today. If you again observe the same way of behavior, you can permanently delete my account. But even if in case, I got a situation, to use any comment, I surely start a meta-topic expressing my problems. Is it ok with you ?

    Thank you.

    @trustgod : cats be trippin (this is an experiment)
    • CommentAuthortrustgod
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2012

    @MikeBlack mon : What is it ? , I can't understand the thing you are saying, even I looked up in google, but it has not given anything.


    I suggest closing this thread.

    Dear Iyengar,

    I think this thread merely shows that your obsession to prove yourself to the world is even more unhealthy than I, and probably some others, have thought. You might have big problems, but these are not problems mathematics can solve. I hope you find hapiness and fullfillment, but that is not something that comes from solving big open problem or from fame.

    I agree with Alex Bartel.
    • CommentAuthortrustgod
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2012 edited

    @Alex Bartel : There is no mistake in asking for a reason of suspension. Would you behave ( Remain silent, and don't post a meta thread ) in same manner, if you are suspended from MO ? , wont you ask for reason ? . In a similar manner I have asked the reason for my suspension.


    @trustgod: It's fine if you want to try and figure out if things are different now.

    This is why they have invented emails. Writing what you did in a public forum affects you negatively as the previous comments indicate: in the one day that has passed there was no voice in your favor and several voices against your return to the MathOverflow community.

    If you want to prove yourself worthy, start doing that by heeding the advice that you were given infinitely many times before: don't try and guilt people into pity and into helping you. Ask for their help without excessive stories on your personal life.

    Lastly, I should remark that in your place I'd probably study hard and prove myself worthy not by "asking better questions" but rather by actually doing something. If you cannot do that, you cannot expect people to take pity on you for whatever reason you can come up with - poverty, lack of technology or time, and so on. These are your problems and you need to solve them, not us.

    I also agree that this thread should be closed.

    • CommentAuthorHenry Cohn
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2012
    Iyengar, I think you underestimate the amount of mathematics there is to learn, and the depth of understand that is required to make progress. A few months ago you asked on MSE for intuition about quotient groups (which is a very reasonable and worthwhile question). It typically takes several years of full-time study to get from that point to being able to read the materials you are trying to study, and that's under ideal circumstances. I'm not convinced it is fruitful to try something overly ambitious and then work backwards to try to fill in gaps. Instead, I'd recommend starting with your current knowledge and experience and moving forwards. There is a huge amount of mathematics that is beautiful, important, and even accessible without extensive background. For example, given that you are interested in number theory, you might start with Silverman's book A Friendly Introduction to Number Theory. The key is not just to read it, but to master it, so you can work difficult problems, explain the ideas clearly to other people without needing to refer back to the book, etc. This is difficult, but it's great fun and will really help you build a solid foundation. Don't lose sight of long-term plans, but it's even worse to focus on them so much that you try to rush through background material and don't really enjoy or master it.

    As for MO, I'm not a moderator, but my impression is that it may be a long time before you are really ready to participate in research-level mathematics discussions (which is what MO is for). I don't mean this as a negative comment: even the most brilliant students take years. I wish you luck, and I hope that in the end you enjoy your studies rather than just wishing you were already doing something more advanced.

    I am in full agreement with Henry Cohn's comment. In addition, I encourage Iyengar to work through lots of exercises or textbook problems, say from Silverman's book or from Ireland-Rosen's book. Being able to do that honestly and thoroughly is an excellent test of your skill and understanding.

    Also, if you (Iyengar) want to participate in online math fora, then I would first of all cut out all the personal stuff, religious stuff, touching feet, etc., etc., because you have been told time and time again that people hate this. Just stop doing all those things that make people resent you. Second, I would really like to encourage you to see if you can answer questions (perhaps number theory or algebra questions) on Your ability or inability to do this successfully will give you feedback on what you really know and can explain, and areas where you need to build up strength. Everyone who works at a research level has gone through such stages themselves, and there is no shortcut to mastery.

    I wish you good luck.


    +1 Henry, and I'm now closing the thread.