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    Earlier, there was a controversy running as I have asked the same question , that some one else have asked at Math.SE. So as per the request of Gerry Myerson, I am deleting my question.

    P.S : I have copied the same answer and posted it at Math.SE, and I have referred clearly that the answer was posted by Charles Matthews, and Timo Keller. You can see it here .

    Thank you.


    I also request Mr.Gerry Myerson to delete my answer, as I am unable to do it ( I think , I dont have got enough privileges to do so ) . It is here


    And its now, I can see that the user wants me to give bounty and many people are up-voting my answer, even though I have specified it clearly. Only thing that can be done is that , let Mr.Charles Matthews post the answer over there and receive a bounty. But its not fair to receive a bounty , if I have copied the same question and pasted it there. All the credit goes to the Charles. I just have pasted it over there. And by the way can the bounty set be cancelled ?

    • CommentAuthorWill Jagy
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2012 edited

    Will, it's pretty clear that Sriman Narayanan and trustgod is the same person. Instead of thinking, he seems to be developing ever greater contempt for this forum's participants' intelligence, inventing pretty ridiculous lies (have a look at his profile). It now looks as though the only possible course of action will be a whack the mole game between him and the moderators until he gives up, which might be a while. Terrible, really.

    @Sriman, I never requested that you delete your question. I do not have the power to delete your answer.

    @Alex Bartel : Yes, I am trust-god. But do you know the reason behind using the pseudonym as Sriman-Narayanan ? . Reason clearly is " People in Community ". Its not my complete fault, I agree that I have done a mistake in falsely representing me as " Sriman-Narayanan " , but do you know one thing ? I haven't been answered in a clear manner from many days ( from months ) and everyone have been advising me to read this and that topics. But no-body are guiding me in a proper manner, in the beginning there were few persons who were really useful. But later on they have limited their participation. Its true that I was ignorant in the beginning, but later on I changed. I know basic number theory, and I have strictly followed your advice in learning concrete things and then I came back to the community. And I merely have done that. And anybody of you can even test my knowledge. I have improved myself and I have been reading Silverman's textbook. I read J.Neukirch book in algebraic number theory, establishing proper basics on rings, class numbers, units and other necessary things. I have solved many problems, and I spent reading without asking any questions regarding the conjecture. ( I have completely refrained myself from assuming that I have proved it )

    I was asking a question regarding some explanation of a statement, even graduate students can't understand such things, it was a Cassels paper, and it was very abstract, he didn't even referred to the complete explanation. So I was begging everyone to tell me a reason about banning me from the community. I can surely say that its not my ignorance about the subject anymore, at the risk of repeating myself, I again say that I was ignoramus in the beginning , but later I am not the same. ( I was able to understand some of the terms and many jargons that number theorists use )

    And its really a very poor situation that I was dying to see an explanation for that question, I have spent many days searching about the answer reading many papers etc. But later on I wanted to ask a question regarding that, I had a very bad experience. When I ask a question, it surely gets closed or unanswered. I have attempted in asking a question at Math.SE at first. There could be some way of answering it in detail, but no one came forward to help me. What the thing I wanted to know is about your ( you refers to entire community ) reasons for not answering the question.



    @ Alex Bartel : Reasons I think are :

    1) Am I not eligible to atleast listen to an answer ? ( I think its not a proper reason, as I have studied basic number theory and some concrete part of graduate texts, so I can listen to an answer, and is there any theorem saying that " If X doesn't know advanced stuff---> then he shouldn't not listen about B.S.D conjecture " , I think No. Its only that it may waste my time, to understand directly ( If I am completely ignoramus ) . But your efforts never go in vain, if I ask any question, many people can see the answer and get the information, Why do you bother about me, if it helps many persons )

    2) Am I not having enough background knowledge ? ( I think its not a proper reason anymore, its true that I was totally ignorant in the beginning but later on I have read some basic things perfectly and also have solved some problems, I am not saying that I know everything in number theory ( In that case, there is no person in the world who knows everything ) )

    So all these things have let me to that idea, but you see sometimes everyone need to choose such wrong paths, to get the thing done. Its not completely me, who is responsible for transforming myself into sriman narayanan, but there is also a contribution to the members of community who made me become so. As its the law of nature that " Nature is always rigid, survival of the fittest , is only the way to get on", even I can refer you to theory of evolution, where in every creature tried to modify itself to protect itself from environment, ( There are some plants in deep oceans that disguise themselves to attract food, even Camouflages and chameleons do that. Even the snail didn't had a hard shell, in beginning, but later on there came a dire necessity to protect itself from the other predators and to face the blows from environment. So it developed its shell, and its due to the environment it has changed itself )

    The peculiar things I have noticed after changing : As soon as I have changed my name, I started getting a beautiful answers from community, and it was very happy for me. But other thing I have noticed is that, when I was giving everyone respect and calling them as "sir" or "prof" no body cared for me, and even in addition to that made fun of my respect, but now when I was not using any sort of these respectful words, I got getting good answers, which shows that how funny is this world. A good person never gets a recognition, badness spreads very quickly , and good always spreads very slowly, and by its nature goodness is very less reactive ( but will win at last ).

    But I know that " A stitch in time , saves nine ". So I accepted my mistake honestly. Actually I thought of deleting my account as soon as I get an answer, but you have noticed it before I was going to delete my account. And I didn't argue further that I am not "trust god" etc.. , but I surely know that I haven't done a great big mistake, the essence was just to know the answer, thats all. There are many person who kill others, cheat others, for money. So I am lot better than them, as I have done so, just to learn and out of curiosity to learn things, I only say " Wearer of the shoe knows how it pinches", I alone know my problems and the associated curiosity to learn things.

    I have started reading the book "Lectures in elliptic curves" by Cassels and encountered a doubt, which has prevented me in going further, so there is no mistake to ask a question about the explanation. ( I wasn't asking about deep things, and I wasn't claiming that I solved this and that, like I used to do in beginning ) . So I absolutely think that I haven't made any mistake, my intention was to get an answer, and to have an education. But only mistake I have done is using the pseudonym, which I think is a wrong thing, but its not that wrong, compared to the benefit I get.

    P.S : I need not depend on others opinions, I asked my inner mind, I only follow that, it is the greatest guide to an individual that will praise when you do good things, and that will condemn you if you do bad things. I have asked it, even though it remarked about my sin behind using pseudonym, my intention was good, If I had had used such a proxy to rob others then it would be a great mistake, but I have just used such trick, as I was not having any other alternative. And I was only thinking to delete it, as soon as I get an answer.

    Thank you.


    But anyway, Its surely a mistake to do such thing, here. I accept my mistake.



    your activity on MathOverflow has become extremely disruptive. It is wasting significant amounts of time, on the part of both the moderators and other users. MathOverflow runs on volunteer labour, and we have limited ability to deal with issues like this. As I have asked you before, quite straightforwardly, please cease all use of the site.

    yours sincerely, Scott Morrison