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    I am not sure if that's a bug or a feature or something else, but I thought I'd report it here. There is this question which I originally voted to close since it did not seem to have any mathematical content to it. Then, the OP replied to a Gerry Myerson's comment to the question, and the question suddenly started looking more meaningful, though unacceptable in that form. I however started typing an answer to it, and when I hit the button to post the answer, the most delightful result occured - the question now is marked as closed 17 minutes ago and has an answer posted 8 minutes ago. I don't think it's bad that system allows to post an answer which was being typed before the last vote to close was cast, but it's a little bit unexpected!
    This is a known issue, in the sense that I raised the possibility of doing this sort of thing (starting to write an answer before closure occurs, and finishing after it occurs) a year or so ago, and then IIRC Andrew Stacey managed to add an answer to a question which had been closed for a year using some trickery. I guess the usual caveats apply -- can't change the software etc etc.
    • CommentAuthorfedja
    • CommentTimeMar 10th 2012
    Actually I post comments to closed questions after the closure now and then (though so far I haven't seen a closed question which would tempt me to post a full answer). The resulting time signature is, indeed, funny but I find this feature (or bug) that allows users with sufficiently high ratings to override the "official dismissal" desirable. I'm too lazy to experiment now but I won't be surprised if above certain reputation level, you can post a full answer to an officially closed question.
    @Kevin: cheers, good to know.

    @fedja: posting comments kinda makes sense - one might think even after a question is closed someone might leave a comment suggesting possible improvements for future reopening!

    Here's the question that Kevin was referring to: and here is the related meta thread here: which links to some posts on meta-SO about the matter.