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    • CommentAuthortrustgod
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2012

    I am begging for the last opportunity to post here, I have posted a question at Math.SE that made sense and has a concrete mathematics and its not senseless. I have kept a bounty of 500+50 for it, but could not get any answer, because there are not many people working on that in Math.SE.

    The question is here . It has received 7 votes and 3 favorites. Please do answer that last question, and as per the suggestion of the group members, I come back after 4 years reading the basics concretely. But at-least for the bounty I have sacrificed some one please answer that.

    Or please let me post it here. I am very interested in listening to the answer in a detailed manner.

    Moderators, please close this thread.