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    • CommentAuthorykallus
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2012 edited
    I would like to see whether there can be a consensus on disambiguating the "lattices" tag so that one tag is not used for both lattices (algebraic structure) and lattices (regular arrangements of points). I notice there is already a tag "euclidean-lattices", so a possible resolution would be to retag questions using "lattices" in the second meaning as "euclidean-lattices". However, this resolution somewhat disrespects Lorentzian lattices etc. In that sense, "point-lattices" seems like the better choice for retagging. As far as retagging questions using "lattices" in the first meaning, it might not be necessary if the second meaning gets retagged, but are there suggestions for a better tag?

    If a consensus forms, I will retag a few questions a day so as not to overwhelm the front page.

    To be effective, the new tags should be such that users will naturally select the right one for new questions. Therefore, a new name would also be needed for the ordered algebraic structure. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find two natural tag names for this.

    Another option, which is the current status quo, is to keep the lattice tag ambiguous and hope that users will disambiguate using additional tags.