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    • CommentAuthorAnixx
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2012
    Can that answer be removed and a new answer with the same content created and the comments transferred to the new one?

    In short, no. We've discussed this before on meta; it's a quirk in the software, we don't necessarily agree with it, but we can't change it, and it's not a very big deal for an answer to be community-wiki.


    As a side remark I should say that in SE2.0 moderators can revert auto-CW.

    I think that this feature is less-useful here since people care less if their answer is CW or not.


    If I remember rightly from the early StackExchange days this quirk was quite intentional, and designed to discourage too many edits. I think that's a little unfortunate, but only because it seems to imply there's something bad about CW, an idea we ought to resist.

    That said, the ability of 2.0 moderators tI undo auto-CWseems more trouble than it could possibly be worth.


    Anixx has since deleted his original answer and reposted it. This seems somewhat rude, as Noah had written various comments on the original.

    • CommentAuthorHenry Cohn
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2012

    I'm puzzled by what's wrong with having an answer end up as CW. Is it the loss of reputation? The possibility that lower-reputation users could edit it?

    Deleting the original answer is a very unfortunate thing indeed. Is it not possible to revert it?

    @Henry: I am pretty sure reputation loss shouldn't be an issue. I am pretty sure that in both SE and SE2.0 the reputation gained/lost before a post turned CW is kept by the poster. Only votes cast after the transition will result in 0 reputation change.

    I agree with WillieWong. In an SE site where people actually care about their reputation this "quirk in the software" makes sense. When you edit your answer you bump it to the front page, so you have a better chance of being upvoted. If you use this trick too many times the software stops giving you reputation for it. Perhaps Anixx really cares about the reputation he'll get from having this answer being non-CW. Indeed, most of the recent edits were very minor, but it appears Anixx got 50 reputation points from boosting the visibility of his answer. Anyway, since we don't care about reputation, I don't see that this really matters except for the annoyance of having an old question bumped so many times. The only other reason to delete and repost would be if he strongly believes only people with reputation 2000 should be allowed to edit his post, but by now that cut-off describes a ton of people.
    Several tons of people, even if each person only weighs 100 pounds.
    • CommentAuthorAnixx
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2012
    @ Scott Morrison my question is about another answer. Why do you assume incorrect things?
    • CommentAuthorAnixx
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2012
    @ David White, why do you think I deliberately boost visibility of an answer? Please stop accusing me in such things. It is insulting! Besides this, is seems you incorrectly assumed what answer I am talking about. I am talking about this answer: Please do not hear to the slanderers.

    since we don't care about reputation

    I mean, not to sound like a baby, but I care about the ability to use those perks obtained by attaining a particular score. For instance, if I had time to seriously participate on this site again, I would definitely care about reputation up to 10,000, because the ability to read deleted posts and vote for deletion are both pretty useful, especially since deleted questions are basically deleted off the face of the earth from the POV of a <10,000-rep user. When I did participate a lot, I was extremely pleased when I gained the ability to edit other people's posts and also vote to close. The sense in which reputation is meaningless is that it doesn't really reflect the amount of respect you deserve/receive

    • CommentAuthorAnixx
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2012 edited
    LOL, after David White accused me in that I deliberately edited the answer to promote it I received 6 downvotes. Good job with blackmail!
    • CommentAuthorAnixx
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2012 edited
    @ WillieWong and what if I care not only about reputation received before than the edit, but also about the future rep points? Especially if the edit was done to improve the answer, make it more correct or more comprehensible?

    It is pity that I have to restrain myself from improving an answer because I do not want it to become a community wiki.

    It is really a pity if a user is more concerned about garnering reputation points than about improving an answer.

    I agree with Mark. If you're really contributing to the site, then you'll eventually earn the points you want anyway.

    @Anixx and others (it took me a few reads to figure out why David White said he agreed with me): my comment was purely in the confine of the word "loss". That is, no reputation that has been already awarded will be taken away. That's how I interpret "loss".

    The comment does not concern hypothetical reputation which may have been gained on a website of different design where no CW limit is in place.


    Anixx, I made assumptions because you didn't bother explaining which answer you were concerned about, and I have limited time for moderation.

    • CommentAuthorAnixx
    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2012
    @Scott Morrison I would re-create the answer, but I do not want the comments to be lost.