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    I had the opportunity to participate at ScienceOnline 2012 in Raleigh in January, which is a very short, very intense, very friendly unconference about all kinds of science on the web.

    When the planning wiki for Scio13 started, I immediately suggested MO (and also nLab) as something these science-y types should get to know a little bit better ;).

    I've talked to Francois Dorais (and Ben?) about this in person but I wanted to bring it up here, so that maybe some moderators could consider whether they are interested in joining a session on MO at Scio13.

    I think it would be great to have such a session since MO is something that the sciences have not been able to reproduce on a similar scale, in particular the community building expertise around MO could be extremely valuable to share.

    Of course, this is all in the early planning phase, but without people from MO, there will hardly be a session on MO.

    The wiki closes on July 1st, so if any moderators are interested, please add a comment to the wiki saying that you are (or contact me about it, here or by email etc).