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    Gil Kalai asked
    4) Is there a sense of decreased excitement in MO?

    May be "excitement" can be measured by the number of "popular" posts in each month ?
    "Popular" something like many views/answers/upvotes - like those on the top of the
    Do we have such statistics ?
    Shouldn't we somehow account for increases in the MO population? There should be more people to view and upvote.
    Yes probably should divide by the total post number per month.

    By the way post/per month is growing ? (Well may be moderators do not want to disclose such statistics ? If so I do not insist).

    There are public SQL dumps that you can download and analyze for these answers. I'm not sure when is the next public dump going to be out. if Anton is busy I imagine it may take a while.

    Unfortunately I am not so strong in modern programming "SQL dumps" make me in horror:)

    Well, the inability of yourself to reach this data does not imply that the moderators wish to keep it hidden somewhere.

    it was just a question, sorry forgot to put "?". But since you say that there is dump available it seems there is no such restriction from them.

    Shouldn't we somehow account for increases in the MO population? There should be more people to view and upvote.

    You might think so, but people don't vote that way. The higher the score of a post, the less likely it is to get another upvote.

    Some traffic stats were generated on this meta thread. I don't have the chance to recompute those now, but at the time we were getting about 30 questions per day. MO is very close to 1000 days old (998 days old today, I think), and we've just passed 31,000 questions, so it seems like the question rate is fairly constant.

    Here's a graph of weekly visits since the beginning (from google analytics):

    traffic graph

    Monthly rate of questions and answers for 30x30=900 days (sorry for the cloud, I am not sure, how to insert picture)

    By the way, the public database dumps are available on

    Alex, the syntax for inserting images is ![Alt Text](URL).

    I used last version of the public database (in fact, it is XML, not SQL) in my chart. Seems closed posts are not included and so Q+A < Posts.
    @Fran├žois G. Dorais: Thanks! (but seems, SkyDrive does not provide normal URL)
    @Anton Geraschenko Thank you very much for data and graphs (and unexpressably greatest thanks for the site as a whole :).
    By the way start of MSE can be seen of activity here ?
    It seems to me in summer activities here decrease which is natural.