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    It's closed because it's not valuable in MO, so I think the more important questions should not be masked by the closed questions.


    On your user page, you will find a "prefs" tab. In that tab, click both "Hide Ignored Tags" and "Apply ignored-tag styles to closed questions."

    Occasionally closed questions get reopened when the community is asked to reconsider. This would be impossible if questions were deleted upon closure. And, in any event, this is probably one of the many things that's built into the software, that we couldn't change even if we wanted to.

    Well, but it's better to drop these questions to saying 2,3 pages, not deleting.


    Well, can we use an open-source stackoverflow system? It's more editable.

    • CommentAuthorWillieWong
    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2012 edited

    @Frank: what do you mean by an "open-source StackOverflow system"? You may also want to look at this discussion and chip in some help!