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    Reading this question
    and remembering myself some years ago.

    The following seems good for me at the moment - is it possible
    to allow/organize math job banners on MO ?

    I was in academia for 10 years and when decided to switch I was completely ignorant what kind of job can I find,
    what salary I should ask and so on, moreover my feeling were that no one needs any math skills... This is not really the good position for entering job market.

    Personally, I would prefer a site without advertising.


    Me too, Tom.

    I fully agree with Tom and Todd on this matter.
    I strongly agree with Tom, Todd, and Vladimir.

    I agree with Tom, Todd, Vladimir and Andy. (How long can we keep this up?)

    • CommentAuthorHenry Cohn
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2012

    I agree with Tom, Todd, Vladimir, Andy, and David that no advertisements is better than advertisements, but if MO ever has to raise money through ads, I hope it's restricted to ads that would be of genuine value to at least some of the community, and job ads could fit that description.


    I agree with Henry ... (stop, David!) In particular, some of the community promotion ads in the SE2.0 model (see M.SE list) are quite inoffensive, though obviously the open source/free software ones aren't going to start paying for airplay.


    The Stack Exchange people have actually thought a lot about job ads, and the main Stack Overflow site has an associated site which in my understanding is really quite good for programmers.

    They talked to us a while back about whether such a site would be useful for mathematicians. In my recollection, we basically told them the MathJobs has, for now, nicely solved the problem for academic jobs, but that there was still a significant problem matching jobs postings outside academia with interested mathematicians considering leaving academia. Maybe someday we can have I can imagine it being a really useful thing; far too many mathematics students have trouble identifying options outside academia.


    Scott's suggestion of would have another advantage: it would also provide a natural home for the questions about careers that pop up occasionally, on whose suitability for MO the community seems quite divided.

    Perhaps it's worth adding that could also list non-academic jobs, if it wanted. The equivalent in the UK, (which covers all subjects), frequently carries non-academic jobs that require a PhD. You can apply filters so that, for example, you only see academic mathematics jobs, or only see non-academic mathematics jobs.


    it would also provide a natural home for the questions about careers that pop up occasionally, on whose suitability for MO the community seems quite divided.

    I would be more in favor of that than discussing such questions on MO, where academic mathematicians wind up offering advice on questions about careers outside of academic mathematics.


    @Tom and Todd: If we mimic Stack Overflow, careers wouldn't be a separate Q&A site. It would be a place where people could input/upload their CVs (and tie them to their MO accounts), and where employers could browse the list of CVs. I don't think a MO careers Q&A site would be useful.


    For what it's worth, already does list some non-academic jobs, although they are a small minority of the listings, and I suspect a rather non-representative sampling of non-academic job opportunities.


    I agree with Henry and Scott. I definitely don't think that well-done career "advertising" should be a deal breaker, and although I'm conservative enough that I'd prefer we not experiment with something like that, I'm also quite willing to believe that it might end up being a good thing.