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    Friday, September 28, MathOverflow turns three. Great work and congratulations everybody!

    3    Question:
    ˅    How do I celebrate?

    5    Answer: 
    ˅    Friday night party with your math pals.

    Friday night, me and Jim McClure will try to fix my roomate's VW van. And maybe we'll talk about some operads.




    It's a good thing that the drinking age doesn't apply to websites =)!

    • CommentAuthorfedja
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2012
    Well, just wrap the experience up and tell some funny statistics (from the number of open problem solved to the average number of puns per post :)). We'll find a way to say "Cheers!" or to sing "Happy birthday to math, happy birthday to over, happy birthday to flow, happy birthday to you!" in the evening. ;).