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    • CommentAuthordavidac897
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2012

    In response, I want to ask a question about whether etale and *other* fundamental group functors (e.g. motivic, Tannakian in general) can be viewed as left adjoints.

    Both, I might want to ask about the existence of such things in multiple cases and if there is any generality to such a construction.

    Mathematical questions are always welcome on MO!!! The trap with general question is that they may be too vague. If you keep it specific enough that there is a sufficiently clear answer path (though not a clear answer) all should work fine. (Answers can deviate from the path, but questions with too many open paths often lead to troubles...)


    There's certainly no question in my mind that the level is right for MO, if that's what you're wondering.