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    @Shanmukha I voted to close only after you have opeed this thread on meta and immediately wrote my reason on this thread after voting to close. So stop posting lies about me.

    The nly person who has creted a mess here is you. I have no interest in further interactions with you.

    Shanmukha, please stop making demands. No one here has any obligation to explain anything to you. We are on MathOverflow as volunteers, not paid workers. Most of us are very busy, and make an effort to contribute in small blocks of spare time. Naturally, the fact that this site runs on spare time can cause some problems. For example, it requires much more effort to leave a diplomatic comment when closing a question, than it does to simply close the question and forget about it.

    We strongly suggest that people closing a question provide a reason in a comment. It is a suggestion, not a rule, but its purpose is to prevent misunderstandings and ill will. Sometimes it isn't followed, and that is unfortunate, but your question is not the only case.

    You claim that you didn't do anything to merit your second suspension, but Fran├žois explained in the email that it was for disruptive behavior on MathOverflow. I am making a wild guess here, but it may be due to the comment on your question that ended with "Why are some people present here , behave in such an arrogant manner ?". The whole comment is rather inflammatory, and that sentence in particular is useless and provocative. We've suspended many other people for similar language. Most of them don't mention it in public, but if you want to see an example, you may search this site for the string "I give up".

    • CommentAuthorAngelo
    • CommentTimeDec 24th 2012
    It would be interesting to plot the ratio (trouble caused)/(contribution to the site) for all users for whom one of the two numbers is not 0. It might be a better alternative to reputation :-)
    • CommentAuthorShanmukha
    • CommentTimeDec 24th 2012

    @Scott : Ok, Thank you. Well, I understand the point about volunteering the time , without being paid. Hence for the same reason, I am stopping this issue here. Well, on the other hand, Do you want me to delete that question ?

    Well, it got 2 up-votes and 4 users voted to re-open, before that question got closed again. Again there is one re-open vote. Well, Do you want me to re-open it ?

    If that is the case, do you have any suggestions ? About the quality or other things ?

    Well, if you want me to delete it, please do let me know.

    Merry X-Mas !


    Shanmukha, thank you for understanding our position.

    As far as your question is concerned, I don't have a strong opinion about whether you should delete or not. It seems unlikely that it will be reopened. I should warn you that there is a group of high-score mathematicians here who delete a lot of closed questions. We've worked out a consensus, where they refrain when there are lots of positive votes or some compelling mathematical content in either the question or one of the answers. I am in favor of keeping the signal-to-noise ratio high, so I am glad that they are doing this work, but it has a slight possibility of creating an unpleasant surprise.

    To summarize, if you want to delete the question yourself, you should act quickly, because it is likely to disappear soon.

    • CommentAuthorShanmukha
    • CommentTimeDec 25th 2012 edited

    @Scott : Thank you for your words of solace . Well, I don't mind if someone deletes it, because I felt that the question is good, and I received votes supporting it. Well, I don't feel that I should delete it, and if it is going to get deleted , no problem , I don't mind .

    But I realized one thing, everyone will have self conscious , and I hope it will surely bother those who are guilty and impartial . Well, I leave it to their conscious , if they are right in judgement ( regarding suspension ) , well and good, I agree and remain silent. Well, No problem, Scott !

    Thank you for taking time from your routine and writing comments , that helped me understand the things at MO.

    • CommentAuthorShanmukha
    • CommentTimeDec 25th 2012 edited

    @Angelo : Yes, your idea is good . But the ratio should be reciprocated , because , denominator may be greater than numerator. Well, the term " impact of a person = { Contribution to the site } / { troubles caused } will sound good . If we consider the inverse ( like you suggested ) there are some people, whose contribution to the website is zero ( For instance , take me ) . Then the ratio turns to be infinite . Well, there are some users ( like quid ) who are here , purely for contributing and helping others ( he never asked any questions ) , so his contribution is high.

    So, we need to add some extra factor, i.e. help received from MO ( from the questions they asked , so as to take input-output ratio ) , that makes the ratio more efficient . Well,

    Impact factor of a user X = [ { Contribution of user 'X' to the site } / { Help received by user 'X' from the site } ] - { Troubles caused by the user 'X' }

    So the impact will be more, if some user asks less number of questions and contributes effectively to the website ( without causing any trouble ) . For instance, the impact factor of Quid is infinity . Well, my impact factor is negative . So on and so forth. Moderators have some extra constant added , due to their contributions, in maintaining the website, and taking strain, in volunteering and doing additional work.