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    When we switch over to MO 2.0, will we be able to easily share questions & answers on social media? e.g., click a button, post on Twitter.

    I know generally features are not implementable in the current software. Is adding social media sharing an easy thing to tweak, or should we just wait for MO 2.0?

    On 2.0 it is implemented to share posts on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, which requires like three clicks. I'm not sure that this feature is of much use for mathematics though, since most posts are unreadable without MathJax support.

    It's the sort of thing that could be hacked on with the javascript flexibility available to us. On the other hand, since MO 2.0 really is just around the corner (...), no one is going to jump on this right now!

    Would it be too snarky to point out that the whole point of Uniform Resource Locators is that, if you have a Resource you would like other people to Locate, you can send that URL to them via any medium, they copy it into their browser bar and, Uniformly, it brings them the Resource?
    • CommentAuthorabatkai
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2013