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    This question was closed, and now has 2 delete votes and 3 reopen votes (and I don't recall such a thing happening before). My personal opinion is that it is an interesting question- the question of what is a "random" object is quasi-philosophical, but such questions are what motivated ideas like Kolmogorov complexity. Conversely, although it might be a fun philosophical question to ruminate about, it isn't the greatest of MO questions. Is this question acceptable?


    In view of Goldstern's answer, this question shouldn't be deleted.


    Perhaps some people think that it must be deleted as the only way to prevent re-opening. And others think it must be re-opened as the only way to prevent deletion.


    I hope that if there is the slightest possibility of a question being reopened, that no one will attempt to delete the question. Personally, I would far prefer to see additional controversial questions surviving than that sort of escalation of conflicts in the moderation process.