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    Check out the edit history of . As of today, the author has edited the tags 15 times in 11 days. I can understand bumping a question once or twice, but this seems quite excessive. What's the best way to discourage this sort of behavior (assuming there's a consensus that such behavior should be discouraged)?

    I think the standard practice is to kindly ask them to stop or let the moderators do so. If that fails, we can give someone a day off.

    Oddly enough, editing tags seems to be a kind of edit that doesn't trigger the Community-Wiki transition (but I understand that this point will be moot in a few hours).

    I thought (but maybe that is in SE 2.0 sites?) editing your own question does not bump it to the front page? Or is that just wishful thinking...

    @Gerald: That's wishful thinking.
    • CommentAuthorquid
    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2013

    Tangentially, tag edits do not bump question in "hot"-view.