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    It just occurred to me that there is a huge link rot on tea.MO.

    More specifically, every previously linked meta discussion has an invalid link. Is there an option to search and replace all the references to meta.MO by tea.MO?

    • CommentAuthorquid
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2013

    The issue was raised in this thread

    More specifically, Fran├žois G. Dorais said:

    I guess all internal links here should also be edited to point to since will be something else.

    To which Scott Morrison replied (after some intermediate discussion of other solutions):

    Ah, okay. Yes, in that case we will have to do the same re-write. Let me ping Andrew Stacey, who has far more experience than me with Vanilla.

    So the issue is known and (possibly) in the process of being resolved.



    Thanks quid.

    I think I've just fixed this. Someone should have a look around to double check it all looks okay.

    Thanks Scott.

    There's a proof of concept on this very thread. :-)