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    Here are the original comments for the title question:

    • When I google "Ben Webster math", his webpage is among the first few listed. – Andy Putman 13 hours ago
    • Also, the old meta is now at The search functionality is lousy, but google is perfectly capable of searching through it. – Andy Putman 12 hours ago
    • @AndyPutman : Obviously I googled "Ben Webster math" before posting this and his webpage was among the first few listed. The page doesn't work. – Michael Hardy 12 hours ago
    • At any rate, some way of contacting moderators should be provided. – Michael Hardy 12 hours ago
    • You might choose your words with more care. "Concern" is a good choice, whereas "organized abuse" may keep your claim from getting due recognition. Good luck with your pursuit. – The Masked Avenger 12 hours ago
    • @TheMaskedAvenger : Regardless of whether I say "concern" or "organized abuse", attention to such a thing from the moderators is obligatory. That's what they sign up for. And if there's organized abuse, is it not the job of the moderators to take cognizance of it? – Michael Hardy 12 hours ago
    • @MichaelHardy : Uh, I just visited it and it works fine. It's here : – Andy Putman 12 hours ago
    • @AndyPutman : This is the page that I found: At any rate a way to contact all six moderators should be provided, rather than requiring those with concerns to be brought to the moderators' attention to see what they can do without any such way. – Michael Hardy 12 hours ago
    • @MichaelHardy : Ben moved from Northeastern to UVA, effective this academic year. – Andy Putman 12 hours ago
    The discrepancy of the Google result just shows up that one can sometimes lose when using search engines which personalize your results.


    DuckDuckGo is also the search engine I use.