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    • CommentAuthorquid
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2014

    I wonder why the usage of this board essentially stopped if supposedly not few would like to continue using it. Can anybody offer some insight?

    Also this is a test to see if or who is following.

    Is there anybody out there? :-)

    Yes. I suppose the newcomers don't know about it; or perhaps they know about it but don't like the hassle of creating a new account just to join it.

    Another possible reason that tea isn't being used much is because now we have meta as well as chat.
    I'd keep reading and participating if this is where things were still discussed.
    When I have something to say I say it. Not often, however, people post something which makes me want to say something.

    But I do check this board, on average, I'd say about once a day.
    I just found out that this site existed.

    In more detail, I knew that tea.mathoverflow existed but was under the obviously false impression that it was for archival purposes only in the MO 2.0 world. I thought that discussion was only possible on meta.