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    On , I gave an answer (the one that begins "In the comments to my other answer..."). Shortly thereafter, I decided that this was really more a discussion than an answer and deleted it, by clicking the "delete" option that comes up when I mouseover my answer. But I still see that answer displayed, with a pink background! Is this is a bug, or do I misunderstand what delete is supposed to do?

    When you delete a post, it's always a soft delete (still in the database, but out of sight) in case it needs to be undone for some reason. You can see your own deleted posts, but nobody else can. The pink background is to remind you that nobody else can see the post.

    You can log out and have a look to double check.
    Does it stay pink forever? or does it eventually just go away? Feel free to direct me to the faq list if it's in there and I've missed it.

    Do not even moderators see the deleted post? I always thought that moderators and users with at least 10k reputation points can see deleted posts.

    • CommentAuthorEmerton
    • CommentTimeNov 18th 2010

    Dear Alex,

    Those with 10k reputation (and I imagine moderators too) see deleted posts (with their pink background).




    Dear Matthew, thanks for clarifying!


    Do deleted posts also end up in the monthly dumps?


    @Harald: They did not show up before June. I haven't checked since then.