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    I'm sad to report that I've lost my perfect record. One of my answers has been voted up enough for me to get the "enlightened" silver badge. Is there any way I can get rid of it? If I delete the answer, does it go away? Can I donate it to charity?

    • CommentAuthorAnweshi
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010 edited

    I do not think a badge earned can be cancelled later. For instance, I have earned the autobiographer badge by filling out all the entries in my profile .. And deleted some of them later. And I still have the badge.

    I am extremely sorry. You weren't careful enough. You should have taken care to sound dumber than you actually are. This problem now is your creation alone. It will be very hard for anybody else to help.

    Maybe the admins are willing to edit the database and make you silver-less. I do not however know whether they are willing to go to such an extent.

    Anyway it was bound to happen one day. You could escape everything else; but you couldn't escape the tag of enlightenment that others confer on you.

    @Andrew: is it possible that you are being a bit silly about all this?

    You can take the game on a new level by doing something that would be recognized as high achievement by the community without actually getting gold badges. Perhaps the best community wiki answer? An etiquette manual? A 24-hour retagging spree?

    "The possibilities are infinite."

    • CommentAuthorKevin Lin
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010

    Can someone just go ahead and close this thread? Nobody actually cares about this, right?

    • CommentAuthorMariano
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010 edited

    Kevin, there is no need to close it: you can simply ignore it!

    Why do with beaurocracy what you can do with your own free will?! :)

    Is a beaurocracy a government where only fancy desks can vote?

    Andrew, you have to up the challenge level. From now on, the goal should be only silver badges -- no bronze or gold!


    That's a little extreme. A cap on the number of votes/views per question/answer?

    • CommentAuthorAnweshi
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2010 edited

    +1 to David.

    +1 to Ilya, for "The possibilities are infinite.".


    Hmm, not sure that the "no bronze, only silver" is workable, especially as I've got a few bronzes already. The "no gold" is too easy - at least, judging by the number of golds already on the site.

    Nah, I'll have to go back to my other game: seeing how many times I can downvote Harry's posts before he realises that all the sockpuppets are mine.


    Hey! I just noticed. I should have two sliver badges. The description of the "Enlightened" badge says "First answer accepted with 10 votes." (or some garbled version of that; really, Lynne Truss would have a field day with these descriptions). According to my count, I have two answers that satisfy that criterion. At least, (given that I don't really understand the criterion) if one does then so does the other.

    Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, so where's my other badge?

    I should have badges for peer pressure and disciplined =\.
    I suspect the "Enlightened" badge means your answer has to (1) be the first one to appear on the page, (2) it has to have 10 votes and (3) it has to be accepted as a correct answer. ?

    At least some of the badges haven't been implemented yet. You can tell because nobody on SO has them either. ("Generalist" is one of these.)


    I believe Ryan's criteria for "Enlightened" are correct.

    Generalist is the only badge the hasn't actually been implemented. The others are just broken. Apparently the SQL code responsible for determining if you should get a badge is somehow kept separate from the rest of the SE source, which resulted in some breakage when SE was forked from SO. I think the broken badges should start working in beta 7 (Jeff Atwood said he sent the appropriate SQL stuff to the SE team), and if not, they'll definitely be working when SE comes out of beta (I don't think there will be a beta 8).