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    I think I just saw a question by Anweshi, answered by Pavel Etingof, about the map given by Weierstrass function from a torus to a sphere. Looks like something happened to it -- perhaps deleted?

    Anweshi, if you deleted it, I think it was a fine question! It's actually already answered somewhere -- I remeber writing a detailed answer to an elliptic curve question that covers it -- but the best strategy in this case is to close the question as a duplicate. That way there's a record; and people who will want to ask this exactly question -- or who search on Google for it -- will find an answer.


    I was thinking the same. At about the same time it was deleted some people here on meta were talking about a troll being back, but surely that is not Anweshi, so I guess the two events are unrelated unless someone made a mistake!

    • CommentAuthorAnweshi
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2010 edited


    After I posted it, I realized that the first part was a stupid question. I mean, since the Weierstrass pe-function has a double pole, it has two zeros. I was going to edit the question to ask about the nature of the location of the zeros for different lattices, and then realized that it is also easy(in fact it was exercise I saw long back, I think. .) then I saw that there is already an answer... And all in all I deleted it.


    Surely I am not the troll. I do not have so much imagination as him.


    Ok It's good to know nobody deleted your question by mistake :)


    Well, I still think it was an OK question, but you're entitled to your opinion :)

    • CommentAuthorAnweshi
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2010 edited

    The question is revived here, because of the peer pressure exerted by you two. . :)

    Surely I am getting more attention than I should .. What, my god, I can't even delete a post in peace! The effects of a troll!


    @Anweshi: I forgot that you can't get to a question to undelete it after you've deleted it. Sorry you had to rewrite the question. I should have just asked you if you wanted me to undelete it. I merged the old question into the new one, so Pavel's answer is now attached to the new question.


    I also missed the fact that it's not easy for you to undelete!

    Apologies if my post looked like a pressure for you to do something you feel like you shouldn't.

    I just thought that something else was pressuring you to delete the post (I sometimes succumb to that inner voice inside us that tells us that we're doing stupid things when we actually aren't) and I should provide reassurance that questions below star-level are also useful and appropriate.

    Again, imagine the person who types "Zeros of the Weierstrass pe-function" into Google :)

    • CommentAuthorAnweshi
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2010 edited

    @Ilya. I was forced to confess my ignorance of elementary stuff/stupidity/laziness to think more/whatever. That is why I deleted the question.