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    "Congratulations" to the 30 people who were recently awarded the fanatic badge (visited mathoverflow on 100 consecutive days)! These weren't being awarded before the recent software upgrade.

    Similarly, thanks to everyone who received the citizen patrol badge. This wasn't working properly before, only being awarded to people who flagged something as offensive. Now it's gone to everyone who has flagged something for moderator attention (hmm, but not me, maybe it's still not working?). Flagging for moderator attention is really helpful, and we appreciate the effort! Go out and get this badge, everyone!


    We have lurkers! I had no idea.

    • CommentAuthorrwbarton
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2010

    In addition to Fanatic and Citizen Patrol being fixed, Disciplined and Peer Pressure should have been fixed. Generalist has been removed (it hasn't been implemented in any way, so nobody could get it), and Tumbleweed has been removed (because it was a dumb badge).

    Also, Pundit, Reversal, Mortarboard, Epic, and Legendary badges have been added.


    We have lurkers! I had no idea.

    Only about 1200 people have actually done anything on MO (i.e. have >1 rep), but we get about 2500 unique visitors every day, and the average time on the site is almost 9 minutes.


    That's an interesting statistic Anton.

    I don't think the citizen patrol badge is working perfectly yet (or at least not as I understand it). I've definitely flagged posts (as offensive, and for moderator attention) and have yet to receive a badge. I don't really care, but figured this should be mentioned. I do use Safari, but this didn't seem to be the bug Reid was referencing.

    @Benjamin: hmmm, maybe flags that we've cleared aren't stored in the database, so the badge can't be awarded retroactively. Would you mind flagging something for moderator attention (and not flagging anything as spam or offensive for a bit) to test if this hypothesis is correct?

    Ok, I just flagged something for moderator attention.
    • CommentAuthorHarry Gindi
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2010 edited

    I'm pretty sure that you need to flag as spam. This badge was working before, so I think you would have gotten it earlier.

    @fpqc: No, something changed, because I just received it today and I haven't flagged anything in quite a while. I never flagged as offensive, which I think may be the only thing it worked for previously, but I have flagged as spam and for moderator attention.

    Based on these two posts and the negative results of our little experiment, it looks like it's only being awarded if you flag spam or offensive, but not if you flag for moderator attention. It used to be that it would only be awarded if you flag a post offensive. Oh well.

    What about flagging comments as offensive?

    No, I'm pretty sure flagging comments doesn't get you the badge.