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    Three times now I have had Firefox (on the Mac) crash while I was typing an answer. Are other people seeing this too? I suppose it is likely to be related to the javascript that renders the preview. Fortunately, upon restart most of my typed-in answer is still there. So it's annoying, but not totally disastrous.

    This is entirely tongue-in-cheek comment, but I've never been happy with Firefox on Mac (any version). I gladly switched to Safari when a pre-beta version of Safari 4 appeared and didn't turn back.

    This is not a good place for a browswer war, but I like Firefox for its plugins. More relevant to this forum is its MathML support, of course.

    I apologize twice, first for steering the conversation into competition between different browsers, second for losing it because Safari has an easily reproducible bug rendering math on Math Overflow.