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    I think that there might be some negative consequences associated to prolonged use of this site.

    +1: I experienced the same MO side-effect yesterday. (Ouf! At least, I'm not alone...)


    Do you guys click on underlined text in the newspaper too?

    (Newspaper? What's that?)

    @Harald: I often click on underlined text in the newspaper. It takes me to another web page just like anywhere else.

    (Wait, was that not the kind of newspaper you meant?)

    @Tyler: I've been seeing the same effect (not just on MathSciNet) for a few weeks now.

    Which raises the question of why you can't vote up reviews on MathSciNet. I think the AMS missed the boat on this one.

    • CommentAuthorRegenbogen
    • CommentTimeMar 30th 2010

    Then there will be more upvotes for fashionable subject reviews.

    There are "featured reviews", however.

    Not anymore. "Featured reviews" stopped sometime in the last couple years.

    You made me laugh, Tyler. But I'm with you and Mark; trying to upvote unupvoteable items is now an established part of my life.

    (Cue thread on the word "unupvoteable".)


    I went through a phase where I instinctively considered suspending people I saw on the news when I thought they were misbehaving.


    @Tom: Yoy are going to need an unupvotability detector.