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    Through retagging a question which was recently closed, I learned that there are currently four questions tagged "path-connected." Three of them are about path-connected graphs and the last is about path-connected topological spaces. This seems like too specific of a tag to me, but I don't feel comfortable taking unilateral action against it, so I'm curious what other people think.

    I agree. This tag is completely worthless.
    I don't know. If someone is really interested in path-connected spaces and less so in the rest of gn.general-topology, then this is a good way to call up the right questions. We can have as many tags as we want, and it seems that a tag is only harmful if how to use it is not clear.

    I'm not sure it's worth taking action against this.

    If someone is really interested in path-connected spaces, they can search for the phrase "path-connected." Admittedly this gives a few somewhat irrelevant questions, but I think tags should be for important keywords that you wouldn't otherwise say in the text of a question, e.g. no one asking about Dirichlet's theorem would say "this is a question about analytic number theory" in the body.


    I agree with Qiaochu. "Path-connected" is so restrictive that if a question involves path-connectedness then the questioner is going to put it in the question.


    I also agree with Qiaochu. Even if you were really interested in path connected spaces, searching for the tag wouldn't be the right way to do it since almost nobody will use the tag, even if their question has to do with path connected spaces.

    Related: It's pretty common that tags get duplicated. If you notice that happening, please retag or flag for moderator attention ... something like "[rt-representation-theory] should be merged into [rt.representation-theory]". @10k+ rep users: You can view newly created tags with this tool.

    OK, fair enough.