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    I decline, thanks.
    Thanks, but I decline too.
    Thanks. I decline this time but certainly will consider doing a stint at some future time, especially if I am successful in dumping some of my current administrative duties.
    • CommentAuthorHarry Gindi
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2010 edited


    Reid Barton (nominated by Harry Gindi)
    Will Jagy (nominated by Harry Gindi)
    Mariano Suárez-Alvarez (nominated by Harry Gindi)
    Denis-Charles Cisinski (nominated by Harry Gindi)
    Urs Schreiber (nominated by Harry Gindi)
    Gerald Edgar (nominated by Steve Huntsman)
    *Gil Kalai (nominated by Steve Huntsman)
    *Tom Leinster (nominated by Steve Huntsman)
    *Jose Figueroa-O'Farrill (nominated by Grétar Amazeen)
    *Sergei Ivanov (nominated by Campaigner)
    Greg Kuperberg (nominated by Campaigner)
    Deane Yang (nominated by Ilya Grigoriev)

    Active Candidates for Nomination (Note: These people are just people who have been recently active, have more than 10 posts on meta, and over 1500 reputation. This list is not exclusive, but they satisfy Anton's last three suggestions):

    Harrison Brown
    Zev Chonoles
    Michael Lugo
    Akhil Mathew
    Mark Meckes
    Jonas Meyer
    Sam Nead
    Charles Siegel
    Douglas Zare


    Harry Gindi
    Ryan Budney
    *Scott Carnahan
    François G Dorais
    *Harald Hanche-Olsen
    Kevin Lin
    *Qiaochu Yuan


    *Kevin Buzzard
    Yemon Choi
    Pete L Clark
    Hailong Dao
    *Andrea Ferretti
    Joel David Hamkins
    Noah Snyder
    David Speyer
    *Andrew Stacey
    Andy Putman
    Mike Shulman
    Charles Rezk
    Steve Huntsman
    James Borger
    Bill Johnson
    Georges Elencwajg

    Also, if you can get in contact with people to let them know that they've been nominated, this will allow us to reduce the list more quickly, since I suspect a number of the nominated people will decline the nomination.

    Dear Kevin, dear friends,
    I'm extremely moved by this nomination and thank you cordially . Still, I'm declining since I'm only a very sporadic visitor to meta. Also I feel it would be dishonest to accept, since I feel I would essentially never use moderator power. The sad truth is that weird questions tend to amuse me rather than annoy me, and this irresponsible attitude ill befits a moderator.

    The election thread is now open. I've used the list compiled by Harry (two posts up). If I've missed anybody who accepted a nomination, please add them as an answer.

    I would like to put a comment on the vote page to the affect that Scott C. will be in Japan for the year and thereby bring us new time zones, but I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to comment on the vote page or not.

    @Noah: I've added that comment. I think it's fine to leave comments highlighting the advantages of various candidates, whether circumstantial (e.g. being in a "strange" time zone) or personal (e.g. extremely level-headed and eloquent).


    Election Results!

    I've looked at the database dump for voting oddities and found nothing strange, so here are the election results:

    Name                      Upvotes  Downvotes
    Scott Carnahan         151        17
    François G. Dorais     139         8
    Qiaochu Yuan            120        21
    Harald Hanche-Olsen   66         5
    Kevin Lin                      62         8
    Ryan Budney               52         5
    Harry Gindi                  46        45

    Congratulations to our new moderators, Scott and François!

    I've deleted the question and sent a list of badges to the SE team for them to remove. The promised backup of the election thread is available here for you to enjoy.


    Gosh! Another view into a moderator's world. Does it really have all those irritating 'a-hat TM's when you look at an MO page? Makes me doubly glad that I declined nomination!


    @Andrew: no, it looks perfectly normal. Those are weird artifacts from copying the page that I didn't bother to fix.




    Congratulations, guys!

    • CommentAuthorCampaigner
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2010
    @Harry. Congrats for the 46 votes you won.

    Thanks to all my supporters! Thanks to Harry for nominating me!


    And Ryan Budney and myself tied for the fewest downvotes. I guess we have kept too low a profile to get anybody mad at us. Need to do something about that before the next election.

    • CommentAuthordanseetea
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2010

    So people didn't follow the "upvote your favorites and downvote everyone else" strategy as someone suggested, as we see relatively few downvotes. Congratulations to the new moderators.


    Thank you for the nomination, Harry. Thanks to everyone for the votes.

    • CommentAuthorRyan Budney
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2010 edited
    Congratulations Harald Hanche-Olsen. I only cast one vote total, and it was for you. (and it was up! :) )
    • CommentAuthorKevin Lin
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2010

    Congrats to the winners!