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    Related to the current discussion on moderators election, I am curious on what the real differences between 10K users and moderators. The FAQ states that there is little difference, but it did not describe anything in details. So:

    1) What can the 10K users do that the say 3K users can't? (I saw somewhere that they can see deleted comments, but can they see voting history, email addresses, etc?)

    2) What can the moderators do that the 10K users can't?



    Moderators have the power of a one-vote close, can see ip addresses, e-mail addresses, and can use the wiki-hammer.


    Actually, I can never remember how it works, either. Moderators have two extra tabs at the top of the screen, "mod" and "tools". I think that 10k users get the "tools" menu, while only moderators get the "mod" menu. The most important things under the mod menu are merging users and merging tags. There is limited ability to see voting histories (I'd prefer to leave this vague, but I'm happily to explain this privately to nominees in the election), which can be supplemented by asking Anton to grep the full database dump.


    Also relevant is this thread on, which covers this question in detail. It also includes the great quote "The invulnerability is pretty cool, but the X-RAY vision is AWESOME :-D"


    Scott: thank you. I think more information is helpful, but I can certainly see why some powers should be vague to the public.