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    Anton wrote:

    You should never add the [tag-removed] tag unless there are no appropriate tags for the question. The meaning of [tag-removed] is that there was some tag that I (or another moderator) decided shouldn't exist. There are lots of questions with the [tag-removed] tag which haven't been closed. If you see one near the top of the home page, please remove the [tag-removed] tag from it.

    This might sound stupid, but I honestly didn't understand what you were saying here until the third time I read this paragraph. I didn't know this; I didn't even know that there were questions with the tag [tag-removed] in addition to other tags. Can some kind of official statement be made on this subject, e.g. in the FAQ? I honestly only remember seeing this tag used on closed questions.

    It now seems that the meaning I read into [tag-removed] was prompted by a second wave of usage and was not intended by the moderators.