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    • CommentAuthorHarry Gindi
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2010 edited

    On your great answer!!


    As unintended consequences go, that one is quite funny.


    Now I've got two of them! Those two are pretty great answers ...

    Seriously though, it's pretty lame. In retrospect, I should have made a separate account for the election thread, but I realized that only after the election was in full swing. I got in touch with the SE team; there should be no difficulties in removing all the badges I will have acquired from the election thread. I'll have to delete the question to prevent the badges from being regenerated, but presumably there aren't any objections to that. I'll post a copy of the thread here on meta in case anybody really wants to look at it later (at least the question, answers, and vote counts ... maybe not all the comments).


    I think instead of removing them, you should give yourself more of them ={. (man with a handlebar mustache whistling).


    I demand the moderators right this wrong. These are truly undeserved badged! No seriously I think noone cares too much about these badges, just enjoy them :)

    Given all the work you've surely put into this website, I don't see any reason at all to complain.
    +1 to harry for handlebar mustache guy! I seriously think you should leave them, it helps point out thatthe badges are not super serious. They are a bit silly, and they help to get people involved (sometimes... i think... maybe). Keeping a gold badge for such a thing would surely set the example and point out that badges are not always the best measures or to be taken seriously.
    • CommentAuthorVP
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2010

    Can you ask the developers for the special "Elector" badge, fold the current one into it, then recreate?


    Alas, VP. We're running unsupported software.


    @VP and @Harry,

    to clarify, if all goes according to plan, we're experiencing a temporary feature freeze while we wait to transition from SE 1.0 to SE 2.0. After that, things like this become plausible again. On the other hand, it will still be the case that we're asking other people to make such modifications for us, and I'd prefer to have the prioritize more important feature requests for us.