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    I've been hunting around for a description of the syntax for including an http://etc link in a comment, unsuccessfully. I tried to type the comment as if it were to be a question, and then pasted that into the comment, and it failed to work. Thanks for a pointer to where this is described.

    If you just write the link out in full (ie with the http) then it automagically gets converted into a hyperlink.

    (I presume that by "comment" you mean comment on MO)

    Thank you, Andrew! My Question->Comment trick did not preserve the full URL syntax, which is why that didn't work. Fixed it now. Thanks!

    The syntax allowed in comments is very restrictive. As far as I know, what works is: markdown italics (single underscores or stars), jsMath, and


    And make sure to surround the hyperlink by white space.

    I would respectfully suggest this info be embedded somewhere in the FAQ, or better, within the Tips & Tricks link. Something like: *How to edit comments, what works, and what doesn't*. That even Andrew Stacey has to prefix his answer with "As far as I know" indicates that the comment situation is not widely understood (although perhaps he was being cautiously humble!). Also, as others have remarked, there is nearly as much action in the comments as in the answers, so users need to know what works in both contexts.

    Joseph: +1


    I feel a little stupid for having to ask, but: how does one make hyperlinks in meta? The tags with 'a href' and /a do not seem to work for me, and neither does just pasting the URL (even with the http://).


    Todd, on meta you either need to switch to "Text" in the comment format, or use title in the "Markdown" format mode.

    Let's see (random link):

    Okay great -- thanks, Asaf!