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    How about merging these two?

    I suppose it is possible for "primes" to refer to prime ideals or elements in a ring. Whether it has actually been used that way as a MO tag seems somewhat doubtful -- can anyone check?


    Okay, so I checked -- of the 36 questions tagged "primes", 3 of them concern primes in the Gaussian integers and/or an arbitrary number field.

    Upon reflection, unless we get to the point where every tag comes with specific usage instructions on some branch of the FAQ, I think it is too subtle to try to reserve the tag "primes" for something more general than "prime-numbers". I would be fine with a merge.

    Pete, thanks a lot for your efforts. I wonder if there is a non-invasive technique of merging, i.e. without bumping up the questions.
    • CommentAuthorWillieWong
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2010

    The powers that be have that power. :)


    Merger done.

    Merci Fran├žois.

    I would have done it the other way, [prime-numbers]->[primes], but I don't feel strongly about it. If people agree with this, it's easy for a moderator to change the name of the tag (but make sure to read the instructions: renaming tags is really weird).