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    • CommentAuthorAndrea
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2010

    In the discussion about trading votes I suggested a very naif way to implement a new feature for the site. The way I suggested was completely insecure and fully based on trust, but Harry remarked that on Scott server we have access to the original MathOverflow cookies to check if a user is authenticated and so on.

    This opens up the possibility to cook up new features without waiting for the SO guys. As many of you know, we are not going to see new features in the foreseeable future, because it is still under consideration whether we will migrate to StackExchange 2.0; if we do not migrate, we will only receive bug fixes.

    I'm not talking about anything really complicated, which would interfere with the inner working of MO, but maybe we could consider implementing some simple unobstrusive feature among the many we have requested in these months.