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    I have recently started exploring other SE sites. I like to use Open ID via google to log in and start new accounts. I have noticed though that my MO account is not associated and does not show up. In fact, the only one that shows up is my Math.SE account, which strangely did not get associated. Is this because MO is some how not part of what Math.SE is? how does this affect Meta.SO vs Meta.SE since those don't sync up either?
    Right, MO is a SE1.0 site not a SE2.0 site. We have not yet been given the opportunity to migrate to SE2.0, and there are a few points of negotiation that will need to be sorted out when we are given that opportunity. Only one SE1.0 site has migrated, which was something that got absorbed into the personal finances site.
    speaking of... maybe you can help me on something: What is the difference between Meta.SO and Meta.SE? specifically, when should i go to one and not the other?

    @sean: you should just use meta.SO for SE-wide issues. meta.SE made a lot of sense before SE 2.0 was announced, but not so much any more.

    now i got, thank you very much.