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    Is it possible to get my stack overflow account merged with math overflow? I posted this question but I can't edit it (there's a mistake in a definition) because I'm not logged in and don't know how to.


    Mike, the email you used looks valid so you could try recovering your account. If you have technical issues, email moderators at

    I can't find my old account even through the users link; is there any way to recover my old account / merge it (if it exists somewhere out there)?
    • CommentAuthorPoppy
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2013 edited
    Never Mind, it seems as though moderators can no longer merge accounts:
    The post linked above by Poppy,, now seems to be the canonical place to ask for help merging accounts.

    There's also some advice here:, suggesting a do-it-yourself solution if you have login access to both accounts, or a request to directly contact the SE staff via if that fails.