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    I was walking around the ninth and tenth floors of Evans Hall at Berkeley today and saw that some people had signs with the mathoverflow logo where their names would ordinarily be.

    Do you have any more? I want one.


    There should be some by the Northside tenth floor elevator. (And if not, Anton has a stack of them).


    A few of months ago I put a bunch of them by the elevators on the 10th floor, and I would reload the container periodically, but I ran out. I found another 30 or so of the stickers at home. I'll bring them in tomorrow and leave them outside my office (1044). You're welcome to take a few. Once I make some more, I'll put them out by the elevators again. I also have some MO t-shirts for $7 (see my profile picture), but I'm down to mediums and smalls (maybe even just mediums).

    You can also make your own MO stuff if you want.

    • CommentAuthorVP
    • CommentTimeAug 18th 2010

    Are you planning to produce more MO stuff? I'd be especially interested in a mug and a T-shirt (you're out of my size).

    And I'd like earrings, a mouse mat, and a commemorative porcelain plate. Is this the thread for requests then? And my daughter would like a MO Barney.

    MO baseball caps.

    MO top hats.


    @VP: I didn't have any concrete plans to make more stuff, but I probably will produce more swag for conferences or for when I visit other departments. The main reasons I don't produce more MO stuff are that I have to buy, store, and sell it, none of which I have much interest in. On top of that, there's my sharp business sense (I think I've given away about as many t-shirts as I've sold). I don't have any special means of production, so it's probably easier for you to place an order directly (perhaps with a handful of other people) than to go through me. I got the shirts through VistaPrint, but there are lots of other swag sites.

    Note that MO stickers are extremely versatile. Put an MO sticker on a mug: BAM! MO mug. MO sticker on your ears: BAM! MO earrings. MO sticker on the dead mouse outside your door: BAM! MO mouse mat.

    MO sticker on your daughter: BAM! Child Protection Agency on the doorstep.

    Kevin, I don't think an MO Barney is a good idea. The purple and orange would clash.

    I would probably buy a mug. (Or put a sticker on an existing mug, but my existing mugs are oddly shaped so a sticker probably wouldn't work.)

    • CommentAuthorVP
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2010

    Anton, thanks for the link. It appears that placing a single order is more than double the price you've mentioned (even excluding S&H), plus I won't get a warm fuzzy feeling that I "support" MO in this way. As for the versatility of MO stickers, I agree, but that still wouldn't justify a plane trip to Berkeley.

    • CommentAuthorMariano
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2010 edited

    Well, if an MO Barney is a bad idea because of color clash, we should seriously consider changing the colors of the MO icon! (Barney is immutable, as everybody knows...)

    @Michael, what shape are your mugs?


    @Mariano, I have these mugs. As you can see they are not cylindrical. I'm pretty sure they're not even developable surfaces, so a sticker would have to be bent a bit, but I don't remember the details of that and my copy of "baby do Carmo" is three thousand miles from me.

    Just chiming in that I'd definitely buy some paraphernalia, at least, as long as it accompanies VP's aforementioned fuzzy feeling of support.

    My office is now 1062, not 1044.

    @Michael: I bet a sticker would fit fine on those mugs. The stickers are only 1 inch tall, so they're pretty good at dealing with a small amount of curvature. If you do decide to make an MO mug this way, it's a good idea to put some clear packing tape over it so you can wash it without worrying about the sticker.

    @cmcleman, VP: If you want, I can sign up for some third-party website that produces swag, like cafepress or zazzle, but their stuff isn't cheap ... I don't think I'd pay $25 for a t-shirt. As for stickers, you're welcome to send me* a self-addressed stamped envelope and I'll send you half a dozen stickers (or more if you really want). You can also make the stickers yourself the same way I do: find a color printer, some sticker paper, a paper cutter, and print this pdf.

    * you can use this mailing address:
    Anton Geraschenko
    2610 Regent St. Apt. 106
    Berkeley, CA 94704

    Edit: MO zazzle store at*. 10% of the price gets credited to my account (more if you include the star in the preceding URL). If this credit ever exceeds $25, they'll send me a check which I'll use to cover the costs of domain registration ($30/yr), Scott's hosting costs for meta/MathJax ($?/mo), and making stickers ($20/400 stickers?).