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    • CommentAuthorvoloch
    • CommentTimeSep 12th 2010

    Has a long discussion in the comments on the merits of the question which might be better placed here. It has already been closed and reopened. I originally voted to close and would do so again but I'll wait to see where the discussion goes here.
    • CommentAuthorVP
    • CommentTimeSep 12th 2010

    Regardless of the merits of the question itself, I disagree with using MO to debate sociological issues, and especially to advance one's agenda, and this is what's going on in the comments. Of course, precise questions do not lend themselves easily to such discussions, but it is always possible to post off-topic comments. While closure may be entirely appropriate*, it cannot prevent anyone from posting comments, and closed questions can still be bumped to the front page by editing the question or one of the answers, which is what happened in this instance. The answer by Richard Borcherds resolves the issue to my satisfaction, but apparently, OP disagrees. It is always difficult to determine how someone's ideas have been used; lack of publication and open status of the problem they are meant to address are aggravating circumstances: it may well be impossible to "certify" that nothing exists beyond the reference already given.

    • Indeed, there have been earlier discussions on the appropriateness of the questions of the type "What is wrong with this paper".

    VP, note that moderators have the power to lock a post so that no further comments or answers can be added. This can be done without deleting the post. If you (or anyone else) believe that this is the correct course of action, please contact the moderators so that they can investigate the matter.