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    We have just reached user no 10000.
    @Robin: Cool! But how did you determine the number of users? Interesting that the average # of questions per user is ~1.1....
    I'm estimating we have 7700 users. On the "users" page there's a grid that's 7x5, and there's 220 pages of users.

    @Ryan: the "users" page defaults to only listing registered users, and Robin is counting all of them (that is, he is using id number). Note that "user number" is being used literally here; I do not think we can conclude that we have had 10000 distinct users, since many people had multiple unregistered accounts that had to be merged.

    Qiaochu is right. We certainly have fewer that 10,000 actual users.
    It's well known that, whether by accident or by malice, some users
    have more than one user number.