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    I had been using IE8 & seemed to have MathJax problems. So I installed Chrome. IE8 had been logging me in to Mathoverflow automatically. With Chrome, I need to supply my OpenID. But I don't know what OpenID is associated with my Mathoverflow account. The OpenID is partially displayed on my profile page, but is not in my Mathoverflow profile at:
    I logged in here at Meta using a user id & password, not OpenID.

    Any way to find out what OpenID I used for Mathoverflow? (Actually, I don't remember providing one, but I suppose I must have.)


    Mike Carroll


    I've emailed you the OpenID associated to your account. (Which I just took from your profile page: it looks like it's only partially displayed, but you can copy and paste to see all of it.)


    Thanks for sending me my OpenID. I wonder if it's just a coincidence that I ran into this when "login is broken"? Later.