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    Since a desire to do this has come up here on meta a few times before, I wrote a few short scripts to search through the database dumps and generate the answer/comment thread associated to it. So far I wrote three. One of them searches for comments with votes above a certain threshold (this is what I got for the threshold 40, for instance). Another searches for a given piece of text in MO (both posts and comments) and will display the associated threads. The last one lets you search for a given user and shows all threads in which he or she was involved.

    If people find these are useful, I will be happy to improve or expand them. I should add the disclaimer that I am not a programmer and was just having fun, so they should not be taken too seriously.


    Very nice. If you decode the HTML entities, it will make the output more readable because the tags will be interpreted as HTML rather than as text.


    Done. Thanks for the pointer: it does clean it up.