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    I read the FAQ but it is still not clear to me: 1. Can one set up a bounty on a question for more points than one's reputation?

    [My understanding was that the amount would be subtracted from the reputation of the person asking, but I may have misunderstood.]

    2. If the answer to 1. is no, but one goes ahead and tries to set up such a bounty anyway, does the software prevents this from happening?

    3. And, finally, if the software doesn't stop this, then what happens when an answer is accepted?

    Since the software gives an extra 50 points on each bounty, you can set a bounty for 50 points more than your net worth.

    I have another question: who can put a bounty on a question? only who asked the question or it depends on your reputation? also can a bounty be put on a community wiki question?
    • CommentAuthorminasteris
    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2011
    I will answer to that, i had reputation 277 and now i gave 250 + 50 from the system and it is 300
    Oh, so one's reputation decreases as soon as the bounty is set! Does one recover it if the bounty is not awarded?
    No refunds is the MO policy, Andres.
    Andres, I had the same reaction to the same question. For future reference, you can go to the questioner's page and click on the reputation tab and see the story for yourself. If you do that now, you'll see a graph the likes of which you will probably not see here very often.
    Gerry, yes, I checked the graph a while ago. Still surprised by the "no refunds" policy. What is the logic behind this?

    Andres- The logic is that you should not have an incentive not to award the bounty. Otherwise it would very tempting to just not accept any answer that isn't absolutely perfect.


    Also, remember that at this point essentially everyone agrees that the whole bounty system is hopelessly broken. The SE 2.0 sites have already moved to a different model, but we're stuck in limbo.

    • CommentAuthorminasteris
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2011
    @Gerry Myerson :As for the graph I agree with the way that FC uses MO